Effective October 15TH, UFC will be discontinuing its UFC Rewards program.
Rewards points earned up to, and through, this date will be available
for redemption for a six month period.

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How it works

JOIN UFC Rewards to get limited-edition collectibles, exclusive experiences, and much more.

EARN points for doing all the things you already do with us:

  • Buying Pay-Per-View events
  • Subscribing to UFC FIGHT PASS
  • Reading UFC Rewards Emails
  • Attending live UFC events
  • Connecting with UFC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • And so much more

REDEEM your points for things that won’t be available anywhere else, including:

  • Once-in-a-lifetime UFC VIP access and experiences
  • Meet your favorite UFC fighters, Octagon Girls and even UFC President Dana White
  • Limited-edition and autographed memorabilia
  • Free Pay-Per-Views available on UFC.TV

We will be adding Activities and Rewards so come back often to see what is new.

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Featured Rewards